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Wheel alignment Q.Lign (on request)

Wheel alignment Q.Lign (on request) (DL6000019)

Rethink wheel alignment with Q.Lign! It is our answer to an increasingly digital and fast-paced world: ultra-fast, compact, connected. Compact web-based technology replaces the entire trolley-computer setup, saving space. The software can be mirrored directly to any TV, PC, laptop or smartphone. Take advantage of Q.Lign integration into your workshop’s everyday processes and systems.

Training content

In this training, we show you the basics of wheel alignment. We discuss in detail initial installation, operation, repair and maintenance activities.


We offer this training on request. Please contact

Beginner level, no prior knowledge required

  • Training name:
  • Wheel alignment Q.Lign (on request)
  • Course ID:
  • DL6000019
  • Number of participants:
  • Min. 4, max. 6