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Wheel alignment 3D2Cam – ML3x (on request)

Wheel alignment 3D2Cam – ML3x (on request) (DL6000018)

With the ML3X wheel aligner a quick and an extremely simple measurement procedure is possible. Easy operation and smoothly running software allow for any car to be measured in less than 2 minutes – no matter if it's a Smart or a Sprinter.

Training content

In this training, we show you the basics of wheel alignment. We discuss in detail initial installation, operation, repair and maintenance activities. Exchange experience and problem situations encountered in the field. You also receive the latest product and service documentation.


We offer this training on request. Please contact

Beginner level, no prior knowledge required

  • Training name:
  • Wheel alignment 3D2Cam – ML3x (on request)
  • Course ID:
  • DL6000018
  • Number of participants:
  • Min. 4, max. 6