Service training 2021

ADAS calibration devices (on request)

ADAS calibration devices (on request) (DL6000011)

Driver assistance systems (ADAS) are becoming ever more common aids to motorists in all situations. They not only increase convenience and comfort, but also help to avoid possible accidents. Video cameras and radar heads present the latest challenges in the workshop today.

Training content

In this training, we discuss in detail setup, correct alignment and calibration of the calibration tools. We discuss new developments, special aspects and problem situations. You also receive the latest product and service documentation.


We offer this training on request. Please contact

Professional level, knowledge about wheel alignment and diagnostic techniques required

  • Training name:
  • ADAS calibration devices (on request)
  • Course ID:
  • DL6000011
  • Number of participants:
  • Min. 4, max. 10