Service training 2021

Brake tester passenger car (on request)

Brake tester passenger car (on request) (DL6000004)

Combine convenience with exceptional economics. Quick viewing of all measured data at a glance and presentation in familiar traffic signal colors on a multifunction display. Precise measured data already provided in the standard version by optional digital displays.

Training content

In this training, we show you installation and setup, basic training techniques, and how to perform maintenance tasks. Discussion of how to connect computers and suspension testers. Exchange experience and problem situations encountered in the field. You also receive the latest product and service documentation.


We offer this training on request. Please contact

Beginner level, no prior knowledge required

  • Training name:
  • Brake tester passenger car (on request)
  • Course ID:
  • DL6000004
  • Number of participants:
  • Min. 4, max. 10